Wife + T1


Wife + T1


T1 Trump is the combination of the Wife and the Afghan Skunk. The Wife is a high-CBD strain. Its effects are mostly controlled and relaxed, allowing a sense of calm without sedation.  The Afghan Skunk on the other hand, is considered a hemp flower classic. Powerful and resilient, this strain is a versatile cultivar that manifests a spectrum of effects that relax the mind and alert the senses. Skunky and sweet, T1 Trump is the perfect combination of its parent strains. The Wife’s floral sweetness plus the Afghan Skunk’s pungent scent come together to create an interesting blend of flavors. Immersive and complete, T1 Trump’s taste and effects make it a truly remarkable experience.
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CBDa: 12.70%

Δ9-THC: 0.00%

CBGa: 0.40%

THCa: 0.70%

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3.5g, 7g