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At SummiCBD, we believe in the therapeutic benefits of naturally grown, hemp derived, isolate CBD oils. That’s why we developed our oils which contain 100% naturally occurring cannabinoid (CBD), the primary therapeutic cannabinoid found in the industrial hemp plant.

Our raw isolate CBD arrives at our factory certified of it’s purity by a third party lab. We then send the isolate CBD to second lab for a dual certification that it is pure prior to manufacturing any of our blends. Our non-habit forming, 0% THC products contain only natural plant extracts. Our tinctures contain organic MCT oils and natural terpenes and our balms contain natural plant oils and shea butters. We have created proprietary blends that more specifically target troublesome ailments and we are excited to introduce our natural remedies with you.

You can have peace of mind knowing that SummiCBD is supplying you with high quality, all-natural remedies specifically formulated for relief of chronic and acute pain and other troublesome common ailments.

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If you are experiencing inflammation, anxiety, digestive issues, difficulty sleeping or focusing, joint or muscle pain, headaches, hot flashes, cramps, irritated skin, nausea or seizures SummiCBD may be right for you.