Ceiba CBD is a powerhouse of relief and relaxation, which is what you want in a great CBD strain. Its trichome covered dense flowers are perfect for rolling or for making oil and have an exquisite aroma and flavor. Ceiba CBD hemp’s flavor profile presents a pungent and sweet yet spicy taste on the lips with a slight earthy herbal undertone on the tongue. Provoked by copious amounts of terpenes, her smoke creates a tickling sensation in the nose on the way out. This strain’s character and profile are going to be great for anyone seeking relief from stress, overthinking, and depressive thoughts. Her rare combinations of terpenes produce an exquisite effect on feelings of optimism and joy that bring you a calm sense of presence in the moment. Plus, weighing in at over 17% CBD, Ceiba hemp flower is a great choice for combatting pain, inflammation, and muscle issues.
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3.5g, 7g